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Maharaja Lawak Mega Minggu 3. Before watch Mahara Lawak Mega minggu 3  only Astro warna. Will be read my Opinion about Peserta Maharaja Lawak Mega. Okay this my opinion about are maharaja lawak mega contestant and this is personal opinion.
A total of six participants Mega Emperor Lawak removed that scored lowest in the third week of the program.Of the total, five participants were eliminated prior to the concert last is the Pirates, Cute, Gebu, Caer, and Rap.While the coupling Anje Joey and Achong eliminated at the end of the third week last concert with the lowest percentage of 39 percent.

According to Astro Color Manager, Nizam Sani said the removal was made because the program format has been created from scratch as well as provide elements of surprise to the audience.Nizam said the country's historical reality is also not involved removal of 17 participants and five participants at the beginning of the program is as a warning to the participants to work in earnest."This is a shock and the removal of the five participants MLM would give space to participants that remain to compete with fresh ideas and entertaining," he said

In the meantime, Nizam told participants the highest score in the third week is the Pi Mai (62 percent) followed by 3G (62 percent), Boboi (57 percent), Saehu (55 percent), Osbon (53 percent).Meanwhile, Hiro (49 percent), JH (48 percent), fault-finding (47 percent), BP (47 percent), Adlin (46 percent), Syok (42 percent) and Anje (39 percent).Meanwhile, celebrity chef, Datuk Redzuawan Ismail (Chef Wan) as the permanent judges MLM participants was disappointed with the performances this week and described them as moderate funny.
"There was an increase in performance but a little disappointing because it does not make the audience laugh with their jokes."They need to focus on filling funny want to be presented as well as adequate training to provide robust performance," he said.