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Maharaja Lawak Mega is a comedy tv program in Astro Warna where this program collecting comedian from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore  "Taking the initiative this time held for the first time, the Astro Warna to elate him for a reality program's greatest comedy greatest gather 17 participants than 3 pieces of the state to act in a stage of achievement. 
 "More interesting, was among those who first joined as a collection. This is one experience that it shall be regarded as new to the audience in this channel. "Finding the greatest among the best in this shoreline, we are deeply believe this program will Maharaja Lawak Mega  received a warm welcome and the most eagerly awaited. This program will present various abnormalities menerusi delivery and the style offerings that will be highlighted by each participant. 
 "What is important, at the end of this program, we will find a champion that will hold all otai otai," he said. Maharaja Lawak Mega  would Match  host by AC Mizal lawyer is going to witness fierce competition among comedians and comedy performer best professional great in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. What is more, every comedian who has played an amazing portfolio of art in this field. Using the concept and format that is almost the same as Maharaja Lawak, the fate of the participants will be tried by jury pemarkahan combined fixed and draw an audience. 
who Peserta Maharaja Lawak Mega  received the lowest markup on a weekly basis will be removed. Even so, participants who have made great offerings but still a chance for eternal eliminated in competition with the power of Maharaja Lawak Mega imuniti that approval is obtained rather than all three jury. The ways raffle will be announced from time to during the Astro warna channel. So dont Miss Wacth Video Maharaja Lawak Mega On 28 October 2011.